DevOps Solutions

Unlimited Automation in no time


The use of containers supports developer agility by providing fully contained environments in seconds. Working with Docker and Kubernetes, our industry leading team of consultants will help you to assess and maximise the potential of container technologies.


The adoption of automation is one of the cornerstones of digital transformation. Automating mundane and repeatable tasks with Ansible and Puppet can radically increase velocity and reduce human error.

CI/CD Pipelines

The DevOps consultancy team has a wealth of experience in working with customers to improve the full development lifecycle. Our consultants will work closely with software teams to improve the quality of code, reduce costs and accelerate the time to market.


Architecture modernisation through the use of microservices enables organisations to evolve from a monolithic architecture, shackled with dependencies. Our architects work closely with customers to help leverage the benefits of using microservices.


Increase collaboration and improve productivity with Plusautomate offerings

Grow your Business

As a leading digital transformation provider, plus automate relentlessly pushes the envelope. We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you make the most of your technology investments to drive competitive advantage.

Our consulting team considers transformation initiatives in the context of cloud, data, IoT, AI and machine learning to effectively harness the power of digital. We deploy flexible delivery models to fit your unique needs, and we help you strategize and implement winning omnichannel solutions.

Run your Business

To position IT as an enabler of success, you need to adopt an agile mindset and drive continuous integration, development and delivery.

Our cloud-first approach, Agile development processes and functional test engineering help ensure application agility and quality. And our services including reliability engineering management, can help you achieve a clear competitive advantage.

Our Approach

Our Teams work across all IT dimensions—from understanding current business processes for identifying gaps to creating strategic imperatives for digital transformation. Our goal is to help you.

focus on business process design and strategies and implement policies for continuous improvement and automation.

Increase Speed-to-market with DevOps Engagement Program

DevOps Readiness Assessment and Review

End-to-End DevOps implementations
(DevOps Platform)

DevOps accelerator

DevOps Managed

Our DevOps services can help you:

Make Cloud and DevOps adoption fast, secure and simple through AI.  

Make Continuous delivery orchestration and accelerating software development lifecycle.

Enable product people to deliver on business strategy and innovate towards market success.

PlusautoMate Service Offerings

DevOps Consulting Services:

→  Readiness assessment.

→  Roadmap creation.

→  Product evaluation.

→  Business process assessment.

Our unique automated DevOps AI services (LunaBOT):

→  Jobs scheduling & execution.

→  Automated ticketing tool integration and resolution.

→  User provisioning, authorisation and management.

→  Cloud server management.

DeveOps Engineering Services:

→  CI/CD implementation.

→  Containerisation.

→  Kubernetes Implementation.

→  Configuration management.

DevOps Managed Services:

→  Access to experienced Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) to support your cloud, container, and automation toolchains and processes.

→  Access to experienced Continuous Pipeline Engineers (CPE) to support your development, test, release, and deployment toolchains and processes.

→  A force-multiplying team to mature processes and platforms, removing constraints and maintaining peak IT supply chain performance.

→  Monthly reviews of team, platform, and pipeline performance KPIs.

→  Streamlined communication with our team using Slack and other collaboration tools.

The Outcome

Enhance cross team collaboration and successfully deliver reliable applications faster

Reduction in management costs

Increased control over project quality and status

Improved productivity and efficiency

Accelerated time to market

DevOps Managed Services

→  Automation through AI.

→  A flexible pricing model that aligns your business.

→  A platform matched to your needs.

→  Powering modern enterprise automation.

→  Break down data silos.

→  No need to reinvent the wheel.

→  Encourage adoption and collaboration with SAML and Active Directory. Protect sensitive data and maintain key.

→  Never overpay, or be penalized, for your peak weekly, monthly and seasonal business cycles – pay only for what you need, when you need it.

→  Find the right place for all of your data with Cloud-Flex, where the continuous, frequent and infrequent access tiers are optimized for your use cases like real-time monitoring, pre-production and compliance.

→  Encourage collaboration and increase transparency with shareable dashboards, searches and reports. Reduce friction and foster innovation with a platform designed for multiple use cases and teams.